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Large portion of our content is related to Scala Scala in one way or the other.

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Live Streams

These are the VODs for all the live streams.

FP Crash Course for Scala Beginners

Everything you need to know about FP in Scala in one video: immutability, lambdas, monads, tagless-final (TF), effect types and effect type libraries like monix, cats-effect and ZIO. It's a crash so we will move fast and won't dive into recursion this time since it's rarely used in production applications. This is a follow-up to the Cats vs ZIO video, which is for experienced Scala devs.

Diamond Architecture

This course is about a guideline for arranging dependencies of software applications of all sizes for fast build times.

Book Reviews

This is a collection of (mostly) programming book reviews.


This is a ZIO getting started course. Advanced Scala knowledge is required. Consider at least watching the Scala Crash Course first.

Scala Crash Course

Learn Scala in one video! This course assumes basic programming knowledge in some other language. If concepts like if statements/expressions, loops, functions, classes etc. sound foreign to you, consider watching the Scala - Your First Programming Language course instead.

Git from Zero to Hero

This is an absolute beginner course in which you will learn everything you need to know about Git, starting from scratch and going deeper than the basic daily Git usage. GitHub is also covered, but the focus is on Git.

The Ultimate WSL2 Guide

Learn how to setup multiple WSL2 distributions, share clipboard, GUI apps on Win10 and more!

Tagless Final

This is an extremely advanced, full blown course, in which you will learn everything you need to know about the mysterious TF approach. After the introductory portion of the course we will rewrite an entire application into the Tagless Final style.

JSON and circe

This is a Java Script Object Notation course and circe is a JSON library. The first 3 videos provide an absolute beginner introduction to JSON. The remaining videos dive into Circe.

Data Juggling

This is a collection of useful Scala libraries which are related to data manipulation in one way or the other. Here is a taste of some of them: chimney, monocle, cats, refined and many more... The topics discussed in here are relatively advanced but the course starts out slow so no need to get intimidated.

Graal & GraalVM

This is a short beginner course dedicated to Graal - the compiler & GraalVM - a polyglot virtual machine, which can run more than just JVM applications.

Giter8 & Clean Architecture

This is a short beginner course about Giter8 - a command line tool which generates files and directories from templates published on GitHub or any other git repository. Since Uncle Bob's Clean Architecture is used as a running example in this course you will learn enough about it to get started.


This is an advanced functional programming course. It is recommended to have at least finished the Scala - Your First Programming Language course before enrolling into this one.

Homegrown Scala Collections

This course is a direct follow up to the Scala - Your First Programming Language course. In this one we build an entire Scala collections library together and learn about vital computer science fundamentals. This is an entry level computer science and software development course, however it assumes advanced programming proficiency. Watch this short video to understand the difference.

Scala - Your First Programming Language

Learn your very first programming language! Scala is very well suited for this purpose. Entry level course. No prior knowledge required, however it is advised to enroll after completing the very short Does software run through your veins? course.

Sublime Plugin for Spotify from Scratch

Most of my content is related to Scala, but once upon a time I wrote the SpotifyWeb plugin from scratch. Entry level course, however very basic (conditionals, loops, functions) proficiency in any programming language is strongly advised.

Does software run through your veins?

Find out if software development is a field for you. Entry level course, no prior knowledge required.



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